Super Collider 

An El Ultimo Grito / POI project.

@ Design September, Brussels / Design Project Room, HEAD-Genève  

COLLAPSCAPES was born from the observation of early industrial models where space is contracted in order to facilitate production. Over time, geographically diverse production sites were collapsed in order to make way for an increasingly mechanised process that became a new model of efficiency. 

COLLAPSCAPES explores this idea and its paradoxes through a series of cinematic devices, glass works, drawings with an accompanying publication. It will be exhibited across two sites:at Design September, Brussels and the Design Project Room, HEAD-Genève.

Design September: Industrial architecture is conceptualised in a series of fictitious industrial spaces, Chemical Plant, Mine Shaft, Super Collider and Gas Depot, which expand on the Imaginary Architectures series. Imaginary Architectures are spatial expressions, re-scaled ‘vehicles’ which contain familiar elements of known spaces, that ask us to imagine what it would be like to navigate and inhabit their interiors. These works reveal typological characteristics of a model of industrial architecture that make an enquiry into the physical language of systems they represent. Accompanying these architectures will be 3d maps, drawings and films; a collage of ideas, theories, and references that complement the narrative.

Design Project Room: Using Hollywood’s studio system as its basis for enquiry, a Collapscape is not the product of cinema and its narrative requirement but of its industrialisation. Industrial product, when understood this way, becomes closely related to the cinematic narrative, where the contraction of space and time is revealed, or for example, how the Guggenheim museum can appear in Times Square.

‘Collapscaped’ trailers are re-edited to comply with our Sub-Dogma13 manifesto, which extracts the main action and characters in favour of the architecture and vistas which contextualise the film’s narrative.

The exhibition will use a projection method that brings a different sense of three-dimensionality to the cinematic experience and narrative construction. It will also include the first presentation of ‘Socrates’ a specially designed dialogue writing software. COLLAPSCAPES explores the role of design in creating devices that can present us with alternative modes of film production and communication. 

Exhibition locations and opening hours: 

Design September 10.09 - 15.09, Rue de la Senne 19
, B1000 Brussels, Opening hours: Tuesday to Saturday 13:00 - 18:00, Sunday 13:00 - 17:00 *Vernissage: 11.09, 18:00 - 21:00* 

HEAD-Genève 28.09 - 17.11, Design Project Room, Rue de Lyon 22, 1202 Geneva, Opening hours: Wednesday to Saturday 14:00 - 19:00 and by appointment. 27.09 - *Collapscapes Conference @ HEAD – Genève Auditoire 17:30 and Vernissage @ Design Project Space  , 19:00 - 20:00*